Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Downing's public exhibition

Downing would like to thank everyone who attended our public exhibition on 8 and 10 September at the Vauxhall Christian Centre. We were delighted that over sixty people came to see our proposals for a mixed-use development comprising student housing and leisure centre with swimming pool on 30-60 South Lambeth Road. At the exhibition we received a number of feedback forms, which will be analysed and, where possible, incorporated into our detailed planning application, scheduled for submission this autumn.

Many local residents welcomed Downing’s plans for a new swimming pool. This amenity is a much-needed facility in the local area and it will be open for local residents to use. Visitors also approved of the plans for a development that will not only benefit local people and businesses but also transform a derelict and under-used waste ground site.

Downing is delighted that the local population has responded positively to our proposals to the area. We believe that our proposals will benefit the area, not only through the provision of a much needed amenity, but also through the increase in trade for local businesses.

All the respondents stated that they were supportive of:

- A car free development

- Cycle storage provision

- Boris Bike stand provision

- The on-site amenity space for the students.

We are still committed to consultation with local residents, and we urge anyone who was unable to visit the public exhibition, to view our proposals in detail which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page, and let us know your thoughts through the email address.

We are also interested to know what local people would like the development to be called and we are asking local residents to suggest names for the development. The name can be anything, such as a reflection of the local area’s long history, cultural diversity or geography.

People can continue to give feedback via our email address
Vauxhall@downing.com or through our telephone line on 0207 323 3544.